SoXies Cozy Socks for Pain Relief, Work & Sports with TPR Pads for Stability

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ARE YOUR SOCKS JUST FOR SHOW? No judgement. We understand
how good-looking and cute it would be to sport those patterned and trendy
socks that match your ensemble. But are you sure that’s the best you can do?
Sure, you look good, but can you also confidently say that you feel good as
well? Wouldn’t you want your socks to do more than just look good? Given your
active lifestyle of going to work, spending your time in the outdoors for a
hike or run, and all the time you’ve spent standing up, we’re guessing that
you’re already sick of the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing. Why settle
for a pair of socks that holds you back? SoXies are the game changing pair of
socks for ultimate comfort, snug fit, and impact protection that no other
socks can provide! TOP-NOTCH COMFORT Our sock’s construction is believed to
relieve stress and knead your feet as you make a step. When we say that the
feel is like walking in the clouds, we’re dead serious. SoXies’ materials are
soft and comfortable to touch while ensuring better distribution of force over
the entire foot and relief of overloaded pressure points. It provides you with
pleasant support in any footwear, and is great for many professions that
require continuous standing, walking or running. Read more RELIEVE PAIN &
STIFFNESS SoXie’s ergonomic design helps regenerate your feet after a long
working day or a rigorous workout that can cause permanent strain and painful
sores to your foot. Our socks are specifically designed to give your feet the
optimal cushioning and support made possible by its anatomical shape that
protects your feet, joints, and back from shock and pressure. Read more MADE
FROM HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS SoXies are made from 80% cotton which provides
good insulation, control, and unparalleled comfort. When combined with nylon
and spandex, our socks also become fast-drying, durable, flexible, and shrink
and wrinkle resistant. Our adaptable Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Gel Pad is
fast in adjusting according to your body temperature, has very good elasticity
and strength, and is non-toxic, odorless, and 100% recyclable. Read more
BETTER CIRCULATION Thanks to SoXies’ TPR gel pad, every step you’ll take will
feel like a massage. More than just the comfort and pleasure from the
kneading, our socks will also pump blood in your body for better circulation.
MIDFOOT DAMPING & STABILITY SoXies incorporates a foot vault support in the
sock that will greatly improve your foothold and stability. Also, the TPR gel
pads will greatly reduce the weight and pressure load from the heel and ball
of the toe. ADAPTABLE TPR GEL PAD SoXies’ adaptable gel pads will conveniently
modify its form according to the shape of your step for better fit and
reliable protection. The gel also adapts its temperature according your own
for a more natural feel and added comfort. Read more

  • WELLNESS FOR STRESSED FEET - When wearing SoXies, your feet will experience a feeling similar to a foot massage. This is made possible by our sock's ergonomic design that subjects your feet into slight, varying pressures thanks to our innovative TPR pads.
  • PREMIER QUALITY - SoXies cuts above the rest by offering you the combination of best materials for optimal relief. Made from 80% cotton, 10% nylon, and 10% spandex, our sock boasts the ideal durability, flexibility, and breathability your socks should have.
  • THE SOCKS FOR ALL - Comfort is definitely a non-negotiable for your socks. SoXies takes this to the next level by giving you the ideal socks for any gender and all kinds of sports. In addition, these socks are perfect for your soles no matter what industry you're from or activity you'll do.
  • PROFESSIONAL & SPORTY- Our premiere design protects your foot from excessive physical stress and impact. These socks are equipped to absorb pressure and force from your daily routine as well as athletic use. It will also promote regeneration after rigorous activities to prevent permanent strain.
  • HYGIENIC & WASHABLE - SoXies' creation is anti-bacterial to prevent your feet from incubating harmful bacteria that might lead to infection and foul odor. Our socks are also machine washable and suitable for tumble dryer-an important advantage compared to normal orthopedic insoles.

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