How To Print Images, Logos, and More on Socks

How To Print Images, Logos, and More on Socks

Custom socks are a lot of fun to make and design. You can use your favorite sports team’s logos, pictures of your adorable pets, beloved cartoon characters, and much more. People wear socks for every occasion—from everyday to athletic wear. Using the tips below, you can learn how to print images, logos, and more on socks.

1. Choose the Socks

Before you choose a picture or logo, you need to pick the right pair of socks. If you need custom sports socks for a competition, knee-high socks made of breathable material are a great choice. On the other hand, if you want a pair of fun socks to wear every day, then you might prefer a shorter length instead.

2. Find the Best Image or Logo

After you choose the perfect pair of socks, then the fun begins. It’s time to pick a design, logo, picture, or image to print onto your socks. Whatever picture or logo you choose, make sure the image is very clear before you send it to the sock company. The last thing you want is a blurry image on your socks.

3. Print the Image Onto the Socks

The final step is printing the image onto the socks. To do this, companies use a process called dye sublimation. With heat and unique types of ink, a special printer transfers the pictures onto the socks. This ensures that the images will last a long time and will not damage the socks. While some people may try to mimic this process themselves, leaving the process to the professionals is safer and gets better results.

With these tips in mind, you now know how to print images, logos, and more on socks. For quality, customizable socks, be sure to check out our online store at MK Socks.

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