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Show Your School Spirit Everywhere You Go

Show Your School Spirit Everywhere You Go

If you are in school or have a child who is, you may want to rep your school and show some hometown pride. While supporting the home team at football games is great, you can also show your school spirit everywhere you go. Here are some fun, easy ways to display your school spirit this year.

Wear Your School’s Colors

Every school has special colors, so one fun way to show your school spirit everywhere you go is to wear them with pride. Since most schools have a mascot, such as an eagle, bear, lion, etc., you can also wear clothing with your mascot on the front or back. For college sports, purchase NCAA team socks and other clothing items that represent your favorite team. If you plan to attend a sports game, paint your face with the school’s colors and make a large sign supporting your favorite team or players.

Banners and Phone Cases

A banner or flag in the front yard or your car window is a great way to show support for your school. You could also adorn your car with bumper stickers bearing your school’s mascot, logo, or colors. For something less permanent, use a washable marker or paint on your vehicle’s windows to write your school’s name or draw the mascot. If you want something smaller and less obvious, a phone case with your school’s logo and colors brings your school spirit wherever you go.

Keychains and Accessories

A small yet effective way to display some school spirit is with accessories. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, headbands, and more are all simple and enjoyable ways to show off your school pride. Keychains, watches, school rings, tie clips, and more are also fantastic options.

Parties and Decorations

Who doesn’t love an exciting party with a theme? For your next gathering, make school spirit your theme. Decorate with banners and streamers with the school’s logo, use plates and napkins with the mascot’s face on them, and purchase balloons in your school’s colors.

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