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The Benefits of Wearing Knee-High Sports Socks

The Benefits of Wearing Knee-High Sports Socks

Do you need a reason to wear knee-high socks? Of course not. The ancient Romans wore them with sandals. America’s Founding Fathers looked distinguished in them, and nothing else looks quite right with roller skates. Once you think about the benefits of wearing knee-high sports socks, you’ll make them a part of your athletic regimen too.


Knee-high athletic socks are part of the official uniform for many sports, including:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer

For football and baseball uniforms, socks are there to pick up right where the pants leave off: just under the knee. For soccer players, knee socks are vital for supporting their shin guards. And now that it’s so easy to order custom socks, they’re an opportunity to display your team colors prominently.


Wherever there are cleats, knee-high socks are sure to follow. Cleats can give you great traction, but they’re murder on opponents’ legs. Get “cleated” once, and you’ll be a knee-high sock convert for life. They’ll stay between you and the turf when you need to slide, preventing scrapes and minimizing bruising. Plus, knee-highs guard against another enemy: the cold. When you’re skiing and snowboarding, your socks will keep you warm in your boots. And even if you’re playing in the middle of the summer, you’ll be grateful for your socks when the sun goes down and you start shivering.

Special Features

Knee-high socks sometimes have specific engineering for different sports and requirements. They might have extra cushioning around the heel and ankle, more support for the arch, and grips for the toes. Most athletes need moisture-wicking materials to whisk away sweat and keep feet dry and comfortable. And if you look closely, you might find that many of those knee-highs are actually compression socks designed to improve performance. They increase circulation and can even help speed up muscle recovery after workouts.

Of course, one of the main benefits of wearing knee-high sports socks is style. Somehow, dominating the competition is even more satisfying when you look good doing it. Find something that suits your style at MK Socks, where the epic selection means you can’t lose.

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